We connect GOOD people, with GREAT ideas, and make things HAPPEN!

We host a bespoke network of people and brands that inspire, provoke thought and shape culture.

We consult our members and facilitate targeted connections within our network to further their personal, business and cultural objectives.

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George Calombaris

celebrity chef / cultural defiant / our flagship partner

Our members are driven by a strong sense of ‘y’ and have strong cultural underpinnings to their practice.

membership FAQs

what is my working RELATIONSHIP with yitonia?

We tailor the extent of partnership with your brand.

Certain brands will choose to participate in monthly events. Others may collaborate with us to organise these events.

Some will decide, furthermore, to take a lead role in our marketing campaigns.

what is my COMMITMENT to yitonia?

Firstly, there is no exclusivity or limits placed on brands participating in yitonia. However, where collaboration or synergy arises from the network, this should be acknowledged for us to use as a testimonial.

Partnerships will be formally reviewed every 12 months. Brands may decide, however, to opt-out at any time.

HOW MANY brands will form yitonia?

We are constantly growing, with the intent of building an evermore impactful community.
It should be known that representation from industries may overlap, but this will not represent a conflict of interest.

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