Our Story

Dean (L) and Peter (R) have an extensive history of community involvement and have always aimed to support brands to be better, businesses to grow and projects to materialise.

Now, with yitonia, they're supercharging this.

The duo have formed an intimate network that focuses on creating targeted connections, deeper relationships and tools to widen audiences.

They believe that when people and brands get to know, like and trust each other, referrals and collaborations flow naturally.  

This has been distilled into what they call YITONIA, meaning ‘neighborhood’ in Greek. 

Welcome to Yitonia, where connections blossom and you thrive

  • Our relationships are underpinned by generosity, cooperation and trust. 

  • We are cultivating an international network that will be made available to our brands. 

  • With knowledge gained from our network, we create our own culturally focused community projects.

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